Your car requires a number of fluids to operate - way more than just gas. Fluid exchanges optimize your cars performance and maintaining as recommended by the manufacturer will reduce dirt and metal shavings building up, creating more costly repairs in the future. However, some fluids need to be replaced more often than others.

When Should I Exchange My Cars Fluids?

These fluids are scientifically designed to ensure your car continues to run safely, efficiently and reliably. It’s important that you pay attention to your vehicle's maintenance needs, including fluid exchange services.

The manufacturer recommends exchanging your fluids specifically based on your make and model, however this is a basic timeline that most shops follow:

  • Transmission Fluid-50k Miles
  • Brake Fluid-30k Miles
  • Fuel Injectors-25k Miles
  • Differential-front and rear 80k Miles
  • Coolant-50k Miles
  • Power Steering-50k Miles

Why Should I Exchange my Cars Fluids?

Over time, your vehicle's essential fluids lose their ability to clean, cool, lubricate and flow freely, potentially leading to problems such as overheating and/or failure.

Vehicle fluid exchange services may help:

  • Improve vehicle performance
  • Extend the life of your transmission
  • Restore fuel-system efficiency for optimal fuel economy
  • Reduce harmful emissions
  • Prevent future costly repairs

Check your owner's manual to see when your car is due for maintenance, including fluid exchanges. When it is time for fluid exchange services in Katy head to Southwest Car Care Center. Our highly skilled mechanics can handle any repair or maintenance your car may need. Call (281)579-9092 or schedule maintenance online!


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