Brakes are one of the most crucial elements of car safety and consist of many components that must work properly and efficiently to ensure proper braking. It is essential to make sure that all brake components are with in manufacturers specifications to ensure that proper braking will occur. Allow our mechanics to guarantee the efficiency of your brakes by choosing us as the go-to brake repair shop for your vehicle.

Signs It’s Time for a Brake Check

There are many things that you can listen for and feel when driving your vehicle to determine if it is time to have your brakes inspected. The most common warning signs that your car will give you are:

  • A grinding, squealing, or rattling noise when applying the brakes.
  • Experiencing a slow response when attempting to brake
  • Displaying the brake warning light (red brake light or Anti-Lock Brake light)
  • The brake pedal being lower than normal.
  • A vibration either in the brake pedal or steering wheel when applying the brakes

If you recognize any of these signs it could be time for you to head on over to Southwest Car Care Center in Katy and request a brake inspection for your vehicle.

What We Look at During Brake Inspections

When inspecting your brakes here at Southwest Car Care Center we look all the major components of the brake system:

  • The Brake Pads and Brake Shoes: The brake pads sit on brake disc rotors and brake shoes are housed inside of a brake drum. They apply friction to the brake rotor and/or drum and thus slow your vehicle down and bring it to a stop. We check these to ensure that these components are within manufacturers specification and if not we recommend replacement of these components.
  • The Brake Lines: Our mechanics inspect for leaks and any cracks or cavities in the brake lines. Should our mechanics find any of these to be present in the brake line of your vehicle, we encourage you to get them replaced.
  • The Brake Rotors and Drums: These are the disc brake rotors and drums that we mentioned in the above section with the brake pads and shoes. If these rotors/drums are below manufacturers thickness specifications we recommend replacing the components to help reduce brake noises, vibrations and to help decrease stopping distance.

Katy Brake Repair Done Right

It is our goal to ensure that you have quality car maintenance through all of our services. Our brake repair service is just an extension of the all quality car maintenance and services we provide here at Southwest Car Care Center in Katy.

To inquire about our brake repair, give us a call today!


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