Texas is known for dreadfully hot summers and sporadic, untimely winters. At Southwest Car Care Center in Katy, we understand the necessity of a reliable automotive A/C and heating unit that can weather the dramatic temperature changes. We are proud to provide exceptional automotive air conditioning and heating repair that is quick, reliable, and long-lasting. We know how crucial it is to have the ability to turn up the heat on ice-cold mornings and blast the cool air on boiling, elongated summer days. Our auto A/C repair service provides those in Katy and the surrounding areas with the ability to drive in complete comfort.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs A/C or Heating Repair

Broken or damaged A/C’s don’t go unnoticed for long, especially when we depend on them as much as we do. If you begin to notice any of the following abnormalities, it’s time to have our skilled auto technicians take a look under the hood.

  • Low air flow when A/C is on the highest air flow setting
  • Warm air blowing when A/C is set on cool air
  • Vehicle doesn’t get warm in cold weather
  • Defroster takes longer than usual to operate
  • Abnormally loud A/C
  • Vehicle takes longer to get cold
  • A/C compressor cycles often

A/C Repair Services in Katy

With our air conditioning and heating repair service, we ensure that a variety of components are working properly.

  • Cooling fans
  • Belts and hoses are in place
  • A/C pressures and freon level
  • Freon leaks
  • Mode door operations
  • Cabin air filter (if necessary)

Our auto repair technicians thoroughly and efficiently complete every job. At Southwest Car Care Center, our quality of service is second to none. Our highly trained technicians devote superior work ethic to provide our clients in Katy and the surrounding areas with vehicles they can count on.


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